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Weilin Enterprise is the manufacturer of new pattern electronic components.It's also a solution supplier of cable TV network NGB/"tripple-play bunfling "and distributor for E/CAP.&LED of the brands of Nippon Chemi-con of Japan and Samwha of Korea.

WMZ71/72/73 Series ,degaussing PTC thermistors

WMZ12A(I,II,III)Series,PTC thermistors using for over-current protection.

WMZ12A(4) Series,PTC thermistors using for thermal protection /sensors

WMZ11A /WMZ12A(V) Series,PTC thermistors using for preheating of the electronics ballast.

WMZ 11B series PTC thermistors/varistors ,using for preheating of the high property ballast /CFL.

WMZ91/92 series PTC thermistor,using for Motor starting&refrigeration compressors.

WMZ-C series PTC thermistors ,using for over-current &over-heat protection.

WMZ-P Series PTC thermistors,using for over current protection.

WMF21 series NTC thermistors,using for limiting of Inrush current.

NCC electrolytic capacitors,using for high end of E-meter/power.

SAMWHA electroytic capacitors,using for electronic ballast/cfl,e-meter

WL/ WF/RD series

NTC thermistors/resistors,5D-9

KXG/KY/KXJ series

NTC thermistors/resistor,10D-22
Products & Service
Type HS Code Description
M,E8533400000PTC/NTC/PPTC thermistors
M,E853222aluminum electrolytic capacitor
( M=Manufacture, E=Export, I=Import, S=Service )
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Shenzhen Weilin Hi-tech
4~5/F. Aerospace Micromotor Bldg., North District, Shenzhen Hi-Tech Industrial
Shenzhen, Guangdong
China 518057
  • Tel : 86-755-8602-6063
  • Fax : 86-755-2698-0968
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    Ms. Rosy Liu
    sales, marketing
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